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Sales, Commissions, Portraits,  Inquiries
For art sales, commissions, portrait sessions, and all other inquiries contact the Studio of Brandon Snow directly below.
(Fine Art Originals start at $1200)

Thanks for inquiring!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy an Original?  See something you like? Inquire through the "Email" button or contact form and don't forget to include the piece title. You can expect a response back within 14 business days.


 Can you ship the large Originals?  Yes! We use a professional shipping agency to ensure all works are packaged and shipped safely! 

 Is a Screen Print an Original?  It is! The word "print" in screen print can be misleading. Because I hand pull each of my originals, even if I made more than one "print" no two would ever be the same. Each pull/print has a unique distress that is different every time. With that being said, I rarely pull/print the same image more than once. 

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