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"... keeping a mantra of less is more in mind at all times."

Brandon Snow (born 1990), equal parts printmaker and photographer, is based out of Austin, Texas. In the early 2000’s Snow was photographing surrounded by a peer base made primarily of painters. Inspired by the physicality of their mediums, in 2012, Snow began developing his unique exhibition style; presenting his photographs through large format, hand pulled, silk screen prints on hand stretched and framed linen and canvas. Much of Snow's work features photographs of still life and ready made sculptures put together by Snow himself. Along with abstraction, photojournalism, and most simply the natural world,  Snow's work continuously explores contrasting themes including one’s mortality, the relationship of life and death, the good with the bad. Snow found immediate success and support both showing and selling this work through galleries as well as national museums including the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art. Today, Snow's work can be found in many private collections all around the world as he continues to show and sell his photographs and original silk screen canvas prints, both independently and through gallery representation.
Select Group Exhibitions



@AO5 Gallery - Austin, Tx


Present Past | Tense
@ AO5 Gallery – Austin, TX



Life, Death, Beauty
@ AO5 Gallery – Austin, TX



Yesterday; Today
@ Industry Print Shop – Austin, TX



Loss and Gain
@ The Gallery Black Lagoon – Austin, TX


Print Austin
@ AO5 Gallery – Austin, TX



Hops for Hope
@ Fair Market – Austin, TX



Hops for Hope
@ Fair Market – Austin, TX


Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Regional Art Show
@AO5 Gallery – Austin, TX



Hops for Hope
@ Fair Market – Austin, TX


Art Basel: Miami
@ The Hangar Gallery – Miami, FL


Crossing Lines
@ Fort Wayne Museum of Art – Ft. Wayne, IN


Black and White
@The Hangar Gallery -
Wynwood Arts District. Miami, FL


E.A.S.T. Austin Studio Tour
@Spratx Gallery – Austin, TX


Series.01 by ARTATX
@Space12 – 3121 E. 12th Austin, TX


Art Prom
@2nd Street District – Austin, TX

Collaborative Show w. Spratx Artists
@Spratx Gallery – Austin, TX (SXSW)



Hops for Hope
Hope Foundation – Austin, TX (E.A.S.T.)


Lucky 13
2nd Street District – Austin, TX


125 by Plano Art Assoc.
CCCC Gallery – Plano, TX


College Juried Show
500X Gallery – Dallas, TX.

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